terça-feira, 20 de agosto de 2013

Mother Nature

People don't love nature, you say. I don't clearly know if you're like wind piercing my body or if you're Sun that warms me. Maybe you're a piece of mother nature and you've never realised it. Maybe people don't love you because you are one of the most pure and true creature in this filthy world. But don't be sad with that once I am here to say you don't need anyone to say they love you because if you're nature and I love nature, obviously I love you. 
Swim across the sea and lift me with your strong arms. People don't get what we're doing but we're dancing in the sea while our minds cross each other singing that songs that we love. And this is pure harmony. Us. Nature. Songs. It seems we don't need anything to survive, not even money. Not even words. But you keep singing in my head while I'm sleeping. It seems our movie soundtrack with our weird minds and our weird conversations.
Let's create the world. Let's paint him red, blue, yellow... You can paint it with all the colours you wanted 'cause I don't mind if I live in a place with a colour that I hate. If you're there, I won't bother.

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  1. two people can be so in sink that it is pure nature. Natural and passionate love :) great text!


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