sábado, 21 de janeiro de 2012

Jerk people

Dear neighborhood,

Despite of I almost all the time wear black clothes it doesn´t mean I am gothic. In fact, I may have a little bit and I don't hide it but I am not at all. I wear black clothes 'cause I like. I don't really give a fuck for what I wear but colors are important to me. I hate white, so, obviously, I won't wear clothes with this color. Furthermore, I will never be what you want or what you expect. I am such an incredible bitch who refuses to be just like the others. So, you excuse to say that I could be more "normal" in what I wear or what I am, 'cause, believe me, I will have the pleasure to do everything against you expectations 'cause I never said I wanted to be like normal girls who wears pink, white some "normal and happy" colours. I like melancolic colours and it doesn't mean I'm sad or with simptoms of killing me. This is my normal and if you don't accept it I won't do anything for you to accept. I never wanted or said I would like all the people that surrounds me, loved me. I don't care. I wasn't made for people loving me. I was made to be what I want. So, little ignorants, stop to tell me what I should do or wear, whatever. I don't really care! I am this way and no one will change me unless I let. But I don't think it happens. Furthermore, stop to invent boyfriends to me. I don't need no one in my life. I am selfish and I don't wanna to be involved in problems of someone else. To be happy, I don't need guys. I am happy, by the way. I am alone but I have people who "loves" me for what I am and without second intentions. So, once I am on the wave of advices, stop being jerks and let me live my life as I want. I don't need people to take care of me. Up in your life and leave me choose my way! 

with all my poisonous love, 
Hayley Logan

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  1. I like to wear black, but it doesn't mean I want to kill me!
    I agree with all of it :)

  2. Gostei daqui *_* seguindo.
    Ve meu blog? É um web serie feita por mim *_*
    Espero que goste !



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